Suess hens

11 Years
May 4, 2008
Altadena, CA
It is day 20. The students are getting excited, but I am worried that nothing will hatch. I am pretty sure one won't. When I candled them on Friday, one looked like it had stopped developing. I have all dark shells so it has been hard to see. Most of the others looked full, I could clearly see air cell, and one I thought I saw movement, but not 100%.
I am hoping I will be seeign pips and hearing peeps tomorrow!!


10 Years
Mar 9, 2009
Good luck to you! How many eggs have you set?

Mine are due Wed., and I am nervous as well because, as is your case, hopeful kids are involved. My 5 year old just stares lovongly at them and they're still eggs! I have forbidden the picking of names till we see if there's anything to name. I'm taking the adage, "Don't count your chickens until they hatch" very literally. We've had a few temperature battles as well, so we have some cause for concern.

Please keep us updated- I'll be looking for good news tomorrow to encourage me!


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