Worst Mite Infestation Ever

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    i am usually one who is posting information to help others with this, so feel bad i have to post asking for help. We haven't had mites here in a long time, or so i thought. We have 8 chicken coops, one on our patio with three Bantam Salmon Faverolles. On Tuesday i saw one of them looking off. Brought her inside and she had a lot of poo on her bottom. So i put her in a warm tub of water in the sink to wash it off. Thousands of teeny mites came off of her. So i soaked and rinsed her several more times to get as many off as possible. Then i applied the Ivermectin topical on the back of her neck and sprayed her down with Poultry Protector as i used the blow dryer to get her dry. Didn't want to do more as she was so weak.

    She has been in the house since then, and over the past several days i have soaked her again each day in warm water, adding flea shampoo, rinsed, and then yesterday sprayed her with the Adams Flea and Tick Spray. But she still has mites coming off her. It's just astounding, and frustrating. i am also treating her two friends outside with Ivermectin on the neck and Poultry Dust. Today i will move those two out and completely spray down their coop and pen with the Adams Flea and Tick Spray with IGR, and add more poultry dust.

    i don't want to use the Ivermectin again for a couple of days. Don't want to poison the girls. But i am clearly not doing enough. My husband asked me if there is something i can put in their food to help them resist mites. Any ideas on that? i've just never encountered such a massive and resistant infestation before.
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    Goodness, what a nightmare! Horrible little things *shudder*. I read about feeding chickens fresh, crushed garlic the other day and one of the benefits listed is that it helps repel mites and other bugs. Try that? It also said that applying diluted garlic oil directly to the chickens' skins will help shift the bugs.

    Good luck!
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