Would a chicken live alone?


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Nov 21, 2011
I have a bully hen, and im currently trying to keep her seperated for about a week or two then im going to reintroduce her at (hopfully) the bottom of the pecking order. But i was wondering if this doesnt work could she live alone? I have a friend willing to take her alone, shes a two egg a day layer so a good hen but just can't afford to treat all our hens for the injuries she gives them.
Hens can live alone. Bossy hens might do better that way. When I had Game hens, I had to keep the majority separate in their own pen. Otherwise they would kill each other. It would depend on the hen. Some hens might have to have a flock and others are more like loners, happy to be by themselves.
I have a hen that prolapsed and when she recovered, we put her back in the coop, at night, but she never integrated back into the flock. She pretty much remained in the coop, never went outside. A month later she prolapsed again. Now she is recovering in a dog crate in our shop and seems perfectly happy alone. She clucks to me when I feed her, and I let her out to clean her cage, but she really seems content as is. She's been in the crate this time for almost a month. We are building a second coop so I think she will go in there with a couple of other birds with issues, although I am sure she will hang by herself.
Last June I had a rookie Brahma hen who hatched just one chick which she accidentally smothered. She could not cope with the flock (particularly the roosters) when i tried to re-integrate her.She stayed put in the agricultural shed, hiding in her broody pen if ever the door was opened for too long and the others came in.

Several re-integration attempts were unsuccessful. I gave up and left her in the agricultural shed (a huge structure for livestock and with several storage and workshop areas) where she happily pottered around all day, laying in the broody pen.

Yesterday, and 8 months after she went in there, the doors are opened to bring out some hay. Out comes Bluey. The initial 'unwanted attention' from 2 of the roosters seemed like it would send her back in the shed, but no. The first rooster mated her, the second she saw off, then she swaggered over to the other hens, pecked one who went for the bit of food the wanted, and stayed out all day. When nightfall came, she followed the others to the big coop.

I don't know why she decided yesterday was the day to rejoin the others, but I have given up trying to understand hen behaviour.
Do not ever suggest putting it on the table, what a horrible thing to say.
Shes the leader of the flock and her little friend sleeps on top of the large dog crate she is in (in the same shed as the other three) but i think she will always be a bully. She might have to go to a new home.
Do not ever suggest putting it on the table, what a horrible thing to say.

I don't think Ole rooster was trying to offend you. Some people only keep for food, some for eggs, some for food and eggs, some for pets, some for pets with benefits. Which reason people have for keeping chickens is fine by me. You might want to state that she is a pet, and maybe also you could post on areas as https://www.backyardchickens.com/f/40/family-life-stories-pictures-updates but stay away from Meat Birds Etc (they do not keep all of theirs as pets). But, I think if you let others know you are keeping your chickens as pets, most everyone on BYC are considerate enough to respect your views (might not understand but respect). I keep chickens for many reasons, but I respect the way you view your chickens.

You might only have the option to re-home the bully, if you cannot successfully separate and reintroduce the bully.

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