Would a dead embyro


10 Years
Apr 21, 2009
Would the egg still show some veining and looks to be blood inside. Im on day 16 the egg looks somewhat like a live viable that i have with embyro moving and such im just wondering if i should toss it or not im still working on how to take pictures i have a ova scope but havnet figured out how you take the pics of the eggs yet. I have another egg that im pretty sure is dead has a dot has had the same thing for about 7 days now no further development.
I can't say for definite without seeing it, but at this late stage if you're unsure just put it into lockdown it can't hurt
I removed one of the eggs this morning it had no veins just a dot (bacterial growth). The good egg is still developing nicely. The other im not quite sure it was developing or so i thought but might just be a blood ring almost looks to be at this point. Whats the chance with only one Good egg it actually hatches fingers crossed on this one.

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