Would a pullet do this????


9 Years
May 7, 2010
First of all I have 2 RIR that are approx 12 weeks old and 2 EEs??(Brahmas x Americanas) that are 9 weeks old.

Okay, so tonight while I was trying to put away groceries, I hear one of my girls screaming in diress and look into the cage and see one of my 9 week old EEs?? has one of the RIRs by the back of the head and although she (the victum) is walking away, the 9 week old isn't letting go of her head.

Would a pullet do this to another pullet??? Or is this one more sign that perhaps this 9 wk old pullet is really a roo coming of age?

I am too new to this chickens rule the world (with our permission) to know what to really look for either in behaviors or physical appearences to tell whether they are really pullets or not....heck for all I know I could have 4 roos. LOL

I would post in "what breed or gender" but have no camera to get pictures. Also, all 4 have been raised together since the 9 wk olds were less than a wk old with no separations for illnesses or anything like that.

I am not allowed to have roos, so I do not want to wait until one of these girls start crowing if rehoming is required. But don't want to get rid of a pullet either. So if you have any suggestions or helpful gender identification information I would be glad to hear them.

Thank you for your time and help, you guys and gals are the best!

Take care of you and yours,

Just today, one of my full grown laying HENS (and I KNOW all my girls have layed eggs) mounted one of the other hens with such Roo-like behavior it made me wonder if I had a Roo who could lay. Agression is, unfortunately, part of the picture.
Well, my pullets act that way towards any new hen brought into the flock, so it is 'normal' behavior in that sense. As your girls get older, they will also need to establish a 'pecking order', and they will often fight for position. With a no roo situation, a dominate pullet will usually rise to the top and dominate the flock, sometimes even mimicking roo behaviors! Some dominate hens have been known to grow larger combs, and even do a weak crowing imitation!

As for sexing, look for any who have a bigger, redder (or darker pink) comb, and more pronounced hanging waddles. Some breeds are sex-links, so you can tell the sex just by the color or patterns of the feathers. Its really hard to tell sometimes, and I think EVERYONE here has made at least one mistake when trying to figure out the sex of a chicken when it was young. I would wait and give them all some time to grow, roos dont usually crow till they are a bit older than yours, so you may be able to tell the diff by then visually.

Good luck, and heres to hoping all your hens are.....hens!
Thank you both for the information and encouragement. I guess I am a little nervous about not figuring out who is what since I am so new to this.

thank you

You sure its a pullet? Where did you get these chickens? Did you raise them from eggs yourself or from a feed store?

Since I am a newbie to the chicken world I can't tell them apart either.
I was told I had hens on my second batch...but one is starting to have that same behavior.

I know one of my birds is rooster...I heard its lame attempt to crow early this morning.
They will establish a "pecking order" and this will happen whenever new ones are added, even if they are all pullets. Just don't let mild agressiveness turn into injury.
Rammy- NO, I am not sure it is a pullet, hence the question of whether this was typical pullet behavior.
I got them from a local breeder. I have had all four together, since the younger chicks were less than a week old; with no separations due to injury or illnesses, since the day I brought them home.

Ruth Ann=
I know it can be very disappointing finding out your pullet is a boy! And I know it will sound funny, but if I have a roo, I rather know now, before I have to beg my neighbors forgiveness from loud crowing, while I try to rehome an illegal roo. At least if I saw him crow, I would have a few days before he would get loud=or at least thats what I read on here somewhere that they don't initially have great volume during their initial attempts. But, now maybe crowing is'nt a sure fire sign of a roo either???
based on what suzettex5 said about dominate hens, " Some dominate hens have been known to grow larger combs, and even do a weak crowing imitation! "

suzettex5- So, does the crowing or egg laying occur first????


carrir= So, when does the fighting stop or will it continue when I move them to their coop and run???Yes, lol, i got chickens before I got the coop or run built, boy how the time has flown by.

<====me trying to get caught up with the girls growing needs!

I really appreciate everyones' input, and I apologize for my delay responses--- I guess I wait and see, but I think I may still make a call or 2 to put out the word that I think I have a roo!

Good plan!

Thanks again, I don't know what I'd do withOut BYC, you all are the best!

pecking order keeps happening as they get older, once your flock is older they usually are okay with the pecking order unless you get more chickens or one dies, I have a hen that acted like a rooster even stopped laying until I got a rooster then we had some new pecking order issues and with adding the 4 new babies as soon as they get big I am sure we will have some more pecking issues to work out. the EE's will take the longest to figure out I have read that they seem to develop slower then other breeds. good luck with your pullets keeping fingers crossed that you have all hens, and also I got 5 pullets with no pen or coop built used chicken wire and a dog house until DH could build the pen on the weekend.

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