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Jan 11, 2007
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.....remember that a great number of our members are minors. Please remember that certain subjects are inappropriate.
Some parents out there appreciate the fact that BYC is family friendly and they shouldn't have to worry that their children are getting an adult education on a chicken board before they are ready to talk to their kids. Whether "kids these days are educated beyond belief" or not is not the point. It is not for anyone on this board to educate them...deliberately or not.

Adult topics and jokes
HUMAN Sexual based topics
HUMAN Reproduction and related topics.
Ethnic and racial slurs and jokes.

All this is inappropriate for BYC. There are many other message boards more suitable for such topics.

Thank you.

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Mar 20, 2008
I was actually banned from a chicken forum for being under 16 (partly my fault for not reading the rules but I mean why would they put an age restriction on a chicken forum). I was so surprised that on a chicken forum they talk about more than just chickens :eek:. So thank you terrielacy and all mods (and Nifty) for keeping this forum familly friendly


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Jan 11, 2007
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I like to think that in supporting BYC I'm helping to encourage the very young into a bit of the farm life, even if they live in the city. Chickens can do that, and to make that work for us we need to be open minded to every type of chicken keeping, and to be very family friendly. Of course the chicken information can be used by anyone of any age, but it makes me personally smile the most when a child finds us here and gets the information they need to get a chicken hobby going in the family, or to join 4H or just have a neat pet. I hope everyone understands that it's not that those topics are totally taboo in my mind, just that in the rules we agreed that they are not to be here.

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