would I get per breads?


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Jul 22, 2011
I have 3 hamburgs and 6 OEG, one roo of each and I would like the advice of all of you because I would like to know if I can have them in together and if the majority of the chicks would be per bread or all of them.
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I ran Australorps and Delawares together for a while. In a population of 50% 'Lorp and 50% Dels, you "should" get 25% pure Hamburg and 25% pure OEG. In reality, my Australorp roo preferred the Dellie gals, and vice-versa.
Roosters don't discriminate. If they see a hen, their instinct tells them they must fertilize those eggs. Neither color, breed, nor size matters.

If you have two roosters with the flock, either one may be the father of any chick. Many people think that the dominant rooster will father the chicks, but that is not correct. Either rooster may be the father of any chick, even if you free range them and the two roosters seem to each have their own harem. Gritsar found that out with her Turken rooster and Brahma flock.

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