would like deviled egg recepies that hide yellow yolk taste.

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    yes i'm weird!
    Love the white ,like to dunk my toast in the yellow but can't eat the yolk.

    Looking for receipe for deviled eggs??

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    LOTS of mayo. and LOTS of relish. just double your fav. resipie
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    Quote:LOL, I'm not sure I understand, and I'd read it 10 times!

    If you dunk your toast in the yellow you ARE eating the yolk. I cannot eat an egg except scrambled or hard boiled. No runny yolks for me. [​IMG]

    But deviled eggs are hard boiled eggs, yolks removed and smashed with other ingredients and put back in the whites. Can't have deviled eggs without the yolks.

    I love them and never make them the same way twice! A few essentials are pickle relish, onions in some form, salt and pepper, cayenne pepper or red pepper flakes, horseradish, mustard, mayo, hot sauce - the possibilities are endless!

    Have you looked in the BYC Recipes Index section and the now-online BYC cookbook? LOTS of great recipes there. I actually prefer the yolk on a deviled egg, so I don't just fill the cup, I cover the whole top with the filling.
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  4. KatyTheChickenLady

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    are you talking about cut in half deviled eggs or egg salad???

    If deviled eggs try this use only half the yolks (give the rest back to the birds) mix with equal parts mayo/sour cream/ cream cheese & then use curry powder for the seasoning instead of S & P

    Or if you want to not use the yolks at all, fill the whites with tuna salad, or chopped caprese, or goat cheese and tapanade, or hummus or babaganush [​IMG])))))
  5. chickenmamalp

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    I can dunk in the runny yolk but when it's all dry I can't eat what's left

    deviled egg receipes is what i'm looking for not egg salad

    Thanks for the suggestions so far:)
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    If you like a little tang, try making horseradish deviled eggs. Add a tsp. with your mayo and see how it is...adjust if you need to. If you search for horseradish deviled eggs, you'll find lots of options! Also, making the filling creamier with more mayo will help. I also like to add a little Greek Yogurt with the Mayo.
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    Cumin nomnomnom.

  8. Lyon3mchics

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    My devil eggs:

    scoop out the "yellow" yolk add, finely chopped onion, relish, smidge of pickle juice, mayo, mustard, salt 'n pepper. Put back into the egg garnish w/ paprika and finely sliced pickle chopped in quarters on top. Always a hit a home and work. If you like spicey foods instead of the pickle on top use a pickled pepper ring.
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  10. annaraven

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    From 365 Ways to Cook Eggs, which I find indispensible these days...

    Cajun deviled eggs: mayo, mustard, bell pepper, andouille sausage or keilbasa, lemon juice, cayenne, tabasco

    Cajun deviled eggs with shrimp: above, add chopped shrimp

    Curry deviled egggs: mayo, mustard, vinegar, curry powder

    Eggs stuffed with:
    crab and artichoke
    liver pate
    wasabi and tuna
    smoked salmon and cream cheese
    shrimp and avocado

    Hope these help.

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