Would like to refine my flock, help needed


9 Years
May 12, 2010
Western Mass
Hi! We have been raising chickens for about a year now and would like to refine our flock. I have a 2 folded question, if you all don't mind helping me out! First, I would like to concentrate on silikies, can I have some references for good show quality blood lines? I live in Mass and am having a hard time finding silkie breeders with good, show quality blood lines. What are the big names in the silkie breeders circle? And just so you know, I do not wish to sell or make money off my chickens, I am purely just in love with silkies and drool when I see these beautiful birds!! I have hatchery silkies, and much to my dismay, they pale in comparison to what I have seen on here. I would be willing to pay for S&H, so they need not be local.

The second part of my question, is that I am also interested in polish chickens. Are polish and silkies generally good living partners? My main interest is silkies, but I would love a good reference so that I may get a couple polish hens. Thanks so much!

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I don't know about silkie breeders where you are. But, silkies can get along with any breed of chicken-------I have some in with my standard-size chickens and they are just fine.
I wuz gonna say, I gave my gals yoghurt today and they liked it, now I need to stop listening to AM radio talk and put up an FM antenna and keep that raydeeder stuck on a classical station so they'll hear that all day (and a good part of the night) that ought to be a good start to making 'em more refined.

Oh, and they were NOT impressed by icky, wiggly, earthworms today, someone's already done been refinin' 'em!

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