Would like to show, ned advise on a breed


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Jan 25, 2008
hello yall,

I am interested in maybe showing a bit. I would like an easyer to maintain and show breed for my first. I love silkies but would prefer something a bit more inexpencive and easyer to conditon for right now. any one have any ideas for me?
Its probably easier to find the best quality bird that you can find, regardless of breed, rather than narrow down on a breed and then have to go look for that specific breed.
Oddly, I disagree with halo on this one.

Good birds are going to be expensive. It's the breeders that set the prices, it's the purchasers who confirm the prices.

If you find a breed that YOU like, you are going to be more successful in that breed. Going by price alone only guarantees that you will cut out several breeds which could have been perfect for you.
Rodriguez, I do understand what you are saying, but the OP didnt specifiy that they liked any particular breed. I just felt it was easier finding the best representative of any breed they can, if they have no preference in what they have. Better to have a top quality RIR than an average to poor quality -----, if thats what's available.

Unlike most of us who are rabid about a specific breed, and will go to the ends of the earth to find that specimen.
My advice for someone who is interested in starting to show includes:

- start with bantams, they're easier to wash than large fowl.
- start with clean legged birds, then you don't have to deal with keeping foot feathers clean and in good condition.
- pick a breed you like the look of, you're going to be spending a lot of time working with them to get them conditioned properly for showing!
- find someone who breeds to the Standard, and shows regularly, (who is not barn blind) and buy the very best birds you can afford from them. You won't regret it (it costs just as much to feed a good bird as it does a crappy one!)

I find it easiest to motivate myself when I work with birds that have some sort of emotional connection to me. Since I am from Ohio, I am working with Buckeyes. Since my father's ancestry is Dutch, I work with Dutch Bantams. But really, find something you love the look of and go from there.
I see what you mean halo, but I guess I'm seeing it through rose-colored glasses.

My way of thinking is, why "waste" money on a breed that you aren't really interested in and will eventually wind up getting rid of anyway. Why not invest your money into some excellent stock of a breed you are absolutely ga-ga over. I can definitely understand your viewpoint and if the OP decides to go that way. It is definitely an option. I just suppose my head is screwed on so that I'm looking at the distant future instead of the immediate success.

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