Would like to start showing and need advice


7 Years
Sep 2, 2012
Hello! My daughter is in 4H and is interested in showing chickens. We already have chicks/chickens, but I do not believe they are "show" chickens. What breeds would you recommend? Are there any sites you recommend to purchase show-quality chickens? Any advice you can give us (what to look for, etc) would be great.
If you already have chickens it might be a good learning experience to use the best ones you have, and let your daughter gain the experience. You'll meet other fanciers and might find a local breeder with quality chickens.

Purchase a copy of the SOP from the APA.

Website: http://amerpoultryassn.com/

2010 SOP: http://www.amerpoultryassn.com/store.htm

This will give you a ton of info.

Are you going to be breeding for exhibition, or just wanting to purchase birds for exhibition?

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