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    Jan 4, 2015
    Southern New Mexico
    I am designing a new chicken coop in southern NM. Much of my previous "chicken experience" has been with bantams. I have always loved the d'Anvers but have only tried them twice: Once in WA state, and in coastal GA. The many Old English Game bantams that I had in WA, and Golden Seabrights in GA proved much hardier than the "Belgians". Love the looks of these little guys, but are they subject to being "tender & touchy" in regards to raising them? All my experiences have been poor. But I would still like to try again?
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    Apr 6, 2014
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    Both breeds you mentioned d'Anvers and belgians are exotic birds. Beautiful. I looked them up on google. image view. I have 2 OEGH now and had a golden and silver seabright. The silver lived 13 years. Stay with bantams so you can secure them well, in bomb proof shelters. LOL I know you still have that ongoing coyote issue. If you can make a good enclosed shelter , then your chicks will be safe. I love exotics, but I only keep chickens as pets. Also have limited space living in the city. Flock has to be small. BEST OF LUCK [​IMG]

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