Would there be any interest in these eggs???


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Dec 25, 2009
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I have alot of chickens laying now and my incubators are getting full! I don't want the eggs to go to waste. Would there be any interest in these breeds or would I be wasting my time posting them as an assortment? I am only getting 2 or 3 from each pen a day or every other day right now so it would have to be an asst.!!!
I hatched the first test batch this past week and fertility was 98%!


1)White, Black Frizzles
2)SQ Buff Brahma Bantams
3)White frizzle showgirl/silkies
4)Lavender Cochin Bantams
5)PQ Buff Silkies
6)SQ Mottled Cochin Bantams
7)SQ Mottled Cochin Hen w/ Red Cochin Bantam roo. (Mille project eggs)
8)Mille Fleur D'Uccle
9)SQ White Cochin Bantams
10) Showgirl/Silkie pen consists of....
1 Partridge lightly frizzled roo
1 Buff Showgirl hen
1 White Showgirl hen
1 White Silkie Hen
4 Black Silkie hens
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Sure, now you ask! My bator is fuuullllll!!!
I think you'll find folks interested in everything you have listed. Those are breeds you see people looking for. How are you going to market them? Craigslist is free, and thats where I've found alot of my chickens in the past, and rehomed roosters that way too. Good Luck!
Cool! I'll do a post in the hatching section. I got 15 eggs total today. I am running out of room....quick!

I gotta get a battery for my camera so I can get pictures too! Dang it!
it helps a lot if you post photos,and yes there is always some chicken adict looking for the next hit

I am looking for buff silkie chicks and light brahma chicks, and would love to buy them...... but sadly, I live in Washington.

Keep looking and you'll find somebody!
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