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    Jan 18, 2008
    Was going to build coop and might still but when I ordered them I forgot that my dad's getting surgery 2 days before they hatch and probably can't help so now I may get one from Craigslist. They're mostly either too small or too expensive but I think I found some good ones.

    Here are the first two I was considering:



    Would still have to raise the money for both, obviously, but for the size, they seem like a good deal to me. Only problem with the second one is I don't need the chickens because I'm getting my own. Haha

    And I was likely going to go for either of those, which I found last night, BUT THEN.

    I just found this and I'm thinking I might get it. If it's not big enough, I can also use our own small doghouse, but for $60 it seems like a great idea.

    I'm gonna put it on stilts probably and figure out a nest box and run but would it work?

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    Mar 26, 2011
    Upper Peninsula Michigan
    How many birds are you housing? What kind?
  3. KDOGG331

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    Jan 18, 2008
    Sorry, I should have mentioned that. Completely forgot. XD

    Anyway, we're getting 9 total (ordered 8 and added the free chick option) of 4 different breeds, mostly bigger, dual purpose ones.

    We're getting:

    2 Barred Rock (Plymouth Rocks)

    2 Black Australorp

    2 Buff Orpington

    2 Easter Egger

    1 free one, which I think is usually a similar breed to what was ordered.

    All female, hopefully.

    They're from Meyer and hatching October 26th so I've still got a little bit of time but obviously with buying one they might sell or something.

    So yeah, sorry for not mentioning it.

    Oh and also I would be adding a pretty large run as well as probably free ranging them (we have almost 3 acres, just the yard is probably an acre, so lots of room) most of the time so they really would be sleeping and laying there mostly but I obviously still want enough space for them. Especially since there probably will be some times when they can't come out.
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    Oct 20, 2014
    Going backwards ...

    Doubt it will fit in a standard bed pickup ... Flatbed? Trailer?

    The double dog house is about 40 sq ft ... While cheaper, it would would be marginal for nine full grown large fowl ... Could work, but I would suggest building two or three nesting boxes and adding it to the outside ... Maybe inside of the "L" ...

    Since you mentioned putting it on "stilts" I would also put the water and feed under it ...

    You would need to add some ventilation to it ...

    The one including chickens ... Does not mention size ... Free chicken dinner included???

    I would completely clean and sanitize before putting new chickens in a "used by somebody else" coop

    It does look like the nesting box roof could use a piece of metal on top of it to match the main roof, some boards seem loose or broken ...

    You are basically stuck with the size of the run they built ... You could though quite easily extend it under the nesting boxes ...

    Looks like you need to add some ventilation to it.


    The 8X8 is gonna need a flat bed trailer, and looks quite heavy ... Do you have what it takes to load it? Maybe hire a tilt bed car hauler/wrecker?

    Add your own run ... Ventilation ... Run ... Clean/sanitize ...

    Is it sitting on concrete pad or blocks, bottom rotted?

    Bobcat pelts should be coming into their prime ... Are they sure they can get kitty to cooperate?


    For the price of the first two ... I'd just build my own, how I wanted it ...
  5. KDOGG331

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    Jan 18, 2008
    Wow thanks for all the info and help! You definitely brought up some things I hadn't thought of!

    I hadn't realized the dog house was so small, probably definitely would be tight. We actually have a smaller dog house here too that I could maybe somehow add to it? Either connect it or just put them next to each other in the run. I have pictures of it somewhere I'll dig up or take new ones tomorrow in the daylight. It's maybe 5x5 (it's maybe a couple inches shy of 5 on the front) but inside I think is a bit smaller but it's also pretty tall. Not huge but maybe 4 or 5 feet, taller than this dog house. It's got damage on a bottom back corner though because it's not propped up and has been used to just throw stuff in for years so stuff lives under it I'm pretty sure but that's probably easily fixed and the floor inside I think is fine. There's squirrel damage inside too but jist chewing and probably easily fixed as well. But anyway, I know it wouldn't be able to hold all of them but I figure it could probably add some more room. Or at least shelter. But anyway, about the one for sale, I'd definitely put outside food and water and outside nest boxes in any coop but especially this one. :) How hard would ventilation be to add? I'd be a little worried with the roof so low for drafts I'm realizing.

    For the second one, unfortunately my mom's pretty squeamish about killing chickens or anything plus I think they're still producing so I'd probably end up just rehoming them and then someone could do whatever they wanted with them. But it would be kind of inconvenient.

    You definitely notice things I didn't though, like the nest box and loose boards.

    And about the run, that's definitely true too but I don't suppose it's possible to add on to one once it's built?

    As for the last one, I think they mentioned something about having something to help load it but you're right that it may decide to not load plus we don't have a trailer anyway so would have to borrow one. I hadn't even thought about weight though. I mostly just liked the size but if I built it I'd probably make it not as tall.

    If the bottom is anything like ours, it probably is rotted or chewed up some.

    And maybe too heavy to put off the ground?

    It's probably too big to not be noticeable.

    You definitely bring up good points about the money too, I just thought it might be hard to find that size for that but maybe not. I think I'd rather just build my own anyways and sti might but the thing is I forgot my.dad's getting surgery a few days before they arrive so won't be able to help and I know nothing. Although I do have a book and could watch videos. I don't even think we have all the tools though but I might just have the store cut the wood and everything to size and then just screw it together.
  6. Mutt Farm

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    Hi! [​IMG] I'd completely skip ad #3. Retrofitting to make dog houses work for chickens, would you be happy? you could throw tons of $$ at it and it'd never be great forn 9 birds. @123RedBeard brought up important points. If the babies aren't hatching for a month, you have at least a couple three months to find or build something better. No worries. Don't settle for something you don't like.
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    Dec 15, 2013
    And if money is a concern - there are many styles right here on BYC showing hoop houses made from cattle/stock panels ($20 each at TSC). Most are pretty easy to build and you can get pretty fancy or ... not so much!

    Each of our chicken tractors is about 8'x10' (a cattle panel is about 50' tall x 16' long) and the 3 that we built cost a little over $200 (we had the tools and some of the other products on hand). I don't have the roosting poles or nesting boxes nor have I finished the feeders/waterers I want either, LOL. If attached to boards 8' apart, you can hoop it tall enough to walk in w/o hunching over and can make it as deep as you want/need by making your runner/support boards longer and adding more panels. For a stationary coop, you might want more than 2 panels. A roof can be as simple as plastic or a tarp or as elaborate as many of the different roofing materials (I haven't seen shingles used yet - not sure you could).

    I've seen some VERY FANCY and NICE hooped, cattle panel coops and runs! There have also been many coops built using re-purposed materials (pallets, windows, barn wood, camper toppers, etc...
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  8. KDOGG331

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    Jan 18, 2008

    That's very true and to make it work it would probably need to be cut open to add stuff and by then I may as well have just built one I guess. But thanks, I guess you're right about it being enough time. :) I just worry it won't be, especially since I've never built anything and need the money and stuff.
  9. KDOGG331

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    Jan 18, 2008

    Thanks for the help and info! I never even thought of cattle panels! I think I've heard it mentioned but never even thought of using it for some reason. But would it be warm enough and predator proof? We're in Massachusetts so it can get cold and snowy in winter and while we don't really have big predators we do have a couple coyotes and a fox. I assume it can but wanna be sure aha

    I might try the repurposed stuff idea too though but I was nervous not knowing how to use the saw and stuff
  10. Mutt Farm

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    Could you look up pallet coops? Some freebies are an easy build. I bought a plastic playhouse for $50. for a coop. Look up play house coop too. No need to stress or waste $$. Chickens are so easy to please.

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