Would this be enough space..


11 Years
May 23, 2008
Peterborough, ON
4.3 sq. ft. per bird in a coop?

I'm spoiled right now with my chickens living in the big old ice shed, but they are moving to their very own chicken palace this summer down the end of the garden. an 8x10ft building would give me 7 sq. ft. per bird, and a 6x8ft building would give me 4.3 sq. ft. per bird. We'll have 11 chickens in there, 5 Dominique Hens, 1 Dominique Rooster, and 5 EE hens..

I'll also have a fully enclosed "sun porch" which should extend living space for the hens/rooster in the winter months when they don't always want to be out in the elements (though, lol, the usually DO want to be out!)

My chickens free range all summer, fall, and spring, and I try to get them free ranging as much as possible in the winter but they're not always willing.

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