Would this Vent work for my coop


10 Years
Mar 18, 2009
North Pole, ALASKA
8x8 8ft tall on one end 6ft on other end. Husband wanted a good slop so the snow will fall off easier.
It is not quite finished we still have alot to do but this is what we got done this weekend it is nothing fancy but will provide nice warm shelter for them just wish I could paint it but will have to wait till spring. So far I am happy with it just can't wait for it to be done. PLus poor ladies needed some place as you can see winter is coming quick up here!



I will probly need more then one huh? if this dont work can someone show me vents you used for your coops?
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That looks great-I'm envious of the huge run you've got for you chickens. Mine is only 25x8 and I wish it was bigger, it is fine for what I've got but, yours....man!
I asked my husband about ventilation and he just looked at me funny (like I said our first coop) we figured since it gets to -30 or colder during the winter months we would try and insulate and caulk the heck out of it so we dont have to heat it unless needed. we will have the chicken door open during the days with a towl over it.

do I really need to have ventilation? I doubt the coop will be air tight.Sorry if stupid questions.
Not at all a stupid question. It's good that you ask. Yes, you definitely need ventilation. Ask patandchickens.
my coop, very similar to yours, needs more ventilation because the ammonia smells gets quite bad at times. So, far I have 5 heater type vents, but I think that i need to put more in more or maybe a window.

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