Would u like to start your own line of Sizzles?


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Welcome to the fascinating world of developing a new breed - in this case, Sizzles. They are a cross of Silkie & Frizzled Cochin with a few experiments bringing in other breeds to develop better characteristics. We are currently using the Silkie standard with the change in feather type to hard curled but, we are a new breed so, we can make changes where we desire, such as in allowable colors & smooth feathered variety (since we have to breed to smooths or risk genetic problems)
It's been a fascinating, frustrating, totally wonderful 5 year project for me.

I have the space so I raised over 200 chicks last year & each year they get better. This year I've decided to breed back to silkies to strengthen my characteristics & bring in new genes. I have some really pretty birds and a few extra roos that have some DQ but, breed back to Silkie hens will produce some nice Sizzles. I can't use them all so I put them in the for sale section here on BYC. Check them out if you think you'r up for the challenges of what I must admit has been a really great project!

Current pics available as soon as I can talk this retched program to give them back!

I'm picking up my first sizzle roo today!
HappyMt - Yeah for you. Where did you find your Sizzle? What color? roo or hen?

Silverfilly - Sorry, no eggs to sell right now. Don't usually let any of them go until late in my breeding season which is just beginning to start up (AZ) I do have youngins that I won't be keeping for my breeding program if you interested. Just let me know.

In case either of you are interested there is a list for Sizzle fanciers at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Sizzles/ There is a pics section and we have discussions on what we ae doing, what we are trying to achieve & just sharing our struggles & triumphs & even failures. It helps to share so no one has to reinvent the wheel so to speak on the development of this breed. Hope you'll join us.

Best of Luck



These are some pics from last years breeding. It's a blue cockerel about 6 months, two smooth pullets about the same age & Boop, a splash pullet at about 7 months.
This years crop are actually nicer but, I can't get any pics up until my tech gets back & gets me a new photo shop program. This one isn't sharing right now!

For those of you who might be interested, there is a Sizzle discussion list at
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Sizzles/ It's so we have somewhere we can share info on what we are trying to develop the breed, our successes & failure & brags of course. There is a pics section too. Come on by and introduce yourself!

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