would you buy eggs from these.....?

TK Poultry

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May 25, 2009
Greencastle, Indiana
jw i have all of their eggs right now in the bator but i dont want all kinds of ducklings in winter so would you like to have some of these ducks babies


the big black drake was champion medium duck at our fair and im taking him to a show in bloomington indiana in april the blues also did well!!


Here he is with his ribbon that is one of a few......!

I have all three colors blue black and splash!

and how do you like them quality wise??? ive asked before with my buffs but i havent really asked bout quality with my swedes!
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OHHH! I cant wait to see them! Im so mad because I had all these plans to order different breeds and mutts from ppl on ere when i realized.... ill be getting 70 eggs a wekk come spring and I only have one bator and three ducks who have proven they like being broody
Yikes!!! you could ship them!!! im only getting one or two eggs from these guys!!! i was just trying to advertise a lil with this thread so i could get some buyers so i don't end up incubating them all!! b/c if no one buys ill have no choice but to pop them in the incubator
Mom said no shipping
She keeps trying to argue that Shipping costs money and I keep telling her the buyer pays shipping and blah blah blah. Shell come around though when I use them as eating eggs instead of hatching eggs and her refridgerator is full.
Eh. Shipping isn't fun, but it's not HARD...

Just bubble wrap each egg and make sure to stuff the box full of packing material. Use a larger box than you would think in order to fit them all in.

Label it very visibly with stuff like FRAGILE or HATCHING EGGS DO NO X-RAY.

Ooh, I see your wishlist!

If you buy off of eBay or perhaps eggbid, I can put some silkie chicken eggs up sometime next year.
I plan on selling Appleyard and Silkie eggs.

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my mom was kinda like that too but thank god she is an avid ebay'er and i told her it was just like that and she mellowed out about it! i dont have any to ship and i was confused about the NPIP stuff but ducks are like the except to the rule so idk if i have to have an NPIP certificate to ship my chicken eggs so now all fertile eggs just go into my bator!!
they are BBS so you get a lil of everything since i have everything and im selling hatching eggs but right now im putting all the eggs laid in my incubator so i can be sure they are fertile and get a feel about fertility for any buyers so i can tell you what the fertility is like with this thread im trying to generate some "buzz" so to speak for them and kind of advertise.....i'll also have a bunch of chicken eggs this winter!
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