Would you euthanize this chicken??

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    Jun 24, 2016
    A week ago one of our buff orpingtons was separating herself from the others and had something hanging out of her vent. It looked like the Google images of a prolapsed uterus, only the thing was black instead of fleshy-colored. We were unsuccessful at putting it back inside each time we attempted, and it has since disappeared (??). We put her in a dog crate within the chicken run and assumed she'd pass on in a few days.

    She is still alive, and today is eating, drinking, and pooping. Her backside is still swollen and messy, though, and she is not interacting with the others as much as she normally would. One bossy chicken keeps going at her. The big issue is--we are leaving tonight for a 6-day vacation and we don't have anyone to tend to her the way she probably needs. If she tanks again, she is basically on her own with the other chickens around.

    We were planning to have her euthanized today, but I'm feeling really conflicted because of how normal she's acting this morning. What would you do??

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