Would you send your dog to camp?


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Apr 8, 2007
Southern WV
I have a 3 year old redbone, housedog. He's never hunted, never been trained to hunt. He's hyper, drives my boxer nuts. Met a coon hunter that said he would love to take Logan out, train him up and let him run.

Logan loves nothing better than to spend the night outside in the run barking at whatever goes by. Unless it's really cold, then he's piled up in the bed with me.

I think he would have the time of his life. But there is also the possibility he wouldn't hunt at all.

Would you send your dog to coon camp?
If i had a hound, Yes i probably would if i trusted the person who was taking him.. He may not hunt at first but if he ran with other dogs he may catch on. Along with just running with other dogs period would probably make him happy... If he becomes a good hunter then he can also alert you whenever a coon is around chickens etc.

ETA: is it coon season or something? Seems all the posts this weekend have something to do with coon hunting
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Working dogs LOVE to have a job.

Ive taught my GSD to herd my chickens into their coop

For someone to offer to train up your dog is an offer of a life time!
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I agree with Gaited.

Sounds real fishy to me.

Hi random person that I don't know, would you mind if I trained your dog to chase coons. I won't charge anything and I'll bring the dog back in a few weeks. And best thing is, I won't charge you for me training your dog, evening though it usually costs several 1000 to train it.

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