Would you take them away?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by Kelsey2017, Jun 15, 2011.

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    Jan 30, 2011
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    My ducks began hatching their eggs yesterday! I have never had any offspring born yet on our farm and it is so exciting, but I am a nervous wreck! The two mamas are sharing a nest and now that there are some ducklings born it seems like they are not covering all the eggs anymore, they are also moving around on the nest and I don't want the eggs broken. The eggs were at different stages when I candled them, so should I take away the babies or some eggs? I feel like I should take the babies because I have no experience with hatching and it seems the ducks are doing a good job of that, although I found one dead duckling that had gotten away this morning. There seems to be 5 hatched out now but there were 21 eggs total so I am looking for advice. I don't know how to set things up good for the babies to get food/ water and I have not seen the ducks take them over to the food/ water yet. They are contained by a 4' by 6' enclosure so that the chickens cannot harass them. I know that if I put them in a brooder I could watch that but it seems mean to upset my lovely ladies.

    I know, I know where are the pictures right? Great-grandma will bring a camera over tomorrow. THEY ARE SO UNBELIEVABLY CUTE!!!!! The ones hatched so far look a lot like daddy, well, they are yellow and black right now not black and white.

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