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Discussion in 'Other Pets & Livestock' started by ScotianChick, Jun 13, 2011.

  1. ScotianChick

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    Dec 27, 2010
    My year old cat Giacomo came home today with a large open sore on the top part of his paw. It was all pink and the fur was all licked off. The inside of it was white. I tried to keep him in for the night but he got out.... we put polysporin on it after using some peroxide... I'm just upset. He's the snuggliest, sweetest cat I've ever owned. I want to know this isn't a real big deal... that I'll just take him to the vet tomorrow and get a bandage or something.

    Has anyone seen anything like this before?

  2. AinaWGSD

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    Apr 2, 2010
    Sullivan, IL
    My first guess would be that it was a bite wound that abscessed and then ruptured. If that's the case, then it isn't really a terrible life-threatening problem. A trip to the vet for some antibiotics and a good flush should solve the problem. You may have to keep him inside for a week or two while it heals, and if he's licking at it he might have to wear a cone. But that should be the worst of it.
  3. Melissa2173

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    Apr 29, 2011
    Springfield, Georgia
    It could have been an abcess that ruptured. Is it draining any fluid or pus? If that's what it is he should be on antibiotics to clear the infection.
  4. mljohnson05

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    May 16, 2011
    If it is all pink inside and you do not see any black (meaning dead tissue) then that is a good sign....However not knowing what attacked it(means you don't know what bacteria is on there)
    I know cats hate water...however it you can wrap him up TIGHT in a towel and make a small dish of warm Epsome salt water to soak his foot in for 10 min, that will help to draw out the infection and help heal and take the pain out too.
    Then Pack it with neosporin and wrap securely with vet wrap (self sticking bandage). change and clean as needed.

    Best Wishes,

  5. ScotianChick

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    Dec 27, 2010
    Thanks guys... the vet said pretty much exactly what everyone here said. She said it looks like a bite wound and she washed it, flushed it but couldn't get rid of all the white gunk. She gave me antibiotics and said it should clear it up but if it doesn't, he'll need surgery.
  6. ranchhand

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    Aug 25, 2008
    Poor baby! Give him a treat from me!

    Be careful with the peroxide usage - it can cause more damage to healty tissue than cleansing of injured tissue. I have quit using it, now I use heavily diluted Betadine for a rinse out.
  7. Aglaboost

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    May 28, 2011
    The saying "Cats have 9 lives" is really true sometimes.

    I'm fairly certain he'll be fine in time.

  8. ScotianChick

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    Dec 27, 2010
    Yeah, the vet said it was good that I Did it the first time but to let him keep it clean himself. The white gunk that was in it is already gone and we've only used two pills so far.
  9. debilorrah

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    Quote:She right about this. Peroxide actually hinders the torn edges of a wound from healing properly. Betadine (iodine) is WAY better.

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