Wounded nose and noisy breathing


7 Years
Sep 19, 2012
Hi there

Got home today and one of our red stars was breathing VERY noisily...also noted that right by her nostril was bloody...later, the blood had dried but you could see a wound (couldn't get a pix last night) and her noisy breathing was very loud. She doesn't seem to be having a hard time with actually breathing...but, it is loud.

Two questions:

1. As this came on quick (she was fine in the am), should I be thinking that the noisy breathing is due to a wounded nostril...i.e. the nostril is closed or almost closed so air passing through it is causing the noise or should I be thinking respiratory disease?

2. If it IS a wound, neosporin or just let it be and see what happens?

It culd be that the nose is just whistling. However, keep a very close eye on her for other respiratory symptoms. You might consider separating her for a day to keep a close watch. Watch for bubbly eyes, smelly breath, lethargic or weak behavior, tail down and hunched up.

She might ahve just bonked her nose and has a clog of blood in there. If you do put neosporin, make sure its the kind WITHOUT the pain relief stuff in it. Just plain will work. Dont clog the nostril though or she might start shaking and scratching and hurt herself more.
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