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    Nov 22, 2013
    I brought home my quail today. Thankfully I have chicken and goat experience so I can pull from there. I have 2 males, 8 females. I set them up in two different cages with a 1:4 ratio. (cage 1.5ft x 3ft)

    I made the mistake of not examining every bird I got.

    So I come home, take them out of the carrier. I knew some were missing some feathers and such. But wasn't aware of the extent f it.

    One male is missing an eye, the 8 girls are all missing feathers- one is completely bare backed, and one has a cut on her head. There's one male who is only missing a few feathers.

    So everyone got washed off, wounds treated with blu-kote. They're set up in the basement now as that seemed to be the best place for them.

    Is there anything special I should do for the one eyed male?

    Is there anything else I'm missing here?
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    You have it under control. I use a foaming antiseptic for kids because I know it wont burn the wound and it spreads out really quick, but blu-kote works great and should heal them up pretty fast. As long as they are protected from the cold and no else is picking on them the feathers are an aesthetic thing and will grow back in time. If the feather picked hen looks too cold pull her out and keep her under a light for about a week until she gets some feathers back. As long as the rooster can see enough to eat/drink/do his duty then dont worry about him. Basically they all are running with scissors so occasionally someone gets an eye poked out. I sometimes give vitasol or a vitamin supplement to birds who are healing from wounds.Good luck!

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