Wow a realy long night

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    May 18, 2011
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    Well to make a long story short I have been losing birds. I have lost 3 this week. My little mix hens are not using the coop.

    In the process of trying to figure it out I think I have. The nights/early mornings that I have lost birds is on days that I'm not home to close up the coop or If we are leaving early like 4am I open them before we leave so they can roam due to the heat.

    Well last night I just out right forgot that I hadn't closed the run doors. Well at 1 am my outside dog starts throwing a fit.
    I wake up and go check it out. I couldn't see anything and he was still raising cain. So I let him off his chain incase it was a coon or something. Well he found a hen. I was able to get him off and she didn't get hurt so that worked. She sounded like he was killing a Cat lol it was horrid sounding.

    Better Half is taking her shower getting ready to go to work at 3am and I heard hun there is one over he beside the window in the bathroom. SO I grab a flashlight and the hoe out of the garden and around the house I go. I'm looking real close and see Mr. Wobbles my roo I thought he was dead. Blood he was basically flat on the ground. So go to grab him by the neck to go bury him.

    WOW! Sleepy ticked off roo in the face. I finally got him caught and put him the the pen that no one was sleeping in last night.

    Still had one hen missing no sounds or signs. Woke up this morning went to go let everyone out and she comes running from the woods.

    I finally got back to bed about 4am lol. Tonight it will be live trap night I think. I just hope the neighbors cats stay out.

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