WOW, batch 2 is due this weekend, not next week!


9 Years
Aug 28, 2010
Cedar Springs, Michigan
I just counted back the days I 1st added the 2cd batch and it was on the 19th or 20th of September very early, early morning of the 20th for sure I started incubation, so lockdown is actually Friday(day 26) rather then Monday! Good thing I looked at my calendar again! I'm really hoping for good news!! But, I'm hoping for the best, preparing for the worst since it was as Katharina mentioned, early in the hens cycle, these are eggs, 13, 14, 16, 18, 19, the other 8 are with mom. I marked on moms eggs 9/20 when I candled them, and put 11 & 12 back, and she went FT Broody on the 27th. I think! At least that is when she fully kicked in to FT, by the candled eggs, they are by that schedule, either FT broody on the 27 or 28th, no later. So they will be born if all goes well the weekend of the 23rd! When my husband comes home for R&R from Afghanistan!! Those eggs, I feel the best about, they are much more uniform in size of a actual duck egg, and those were laid at the very end of her cycle. Please, please send positive ducky vibes for a healthy batch this weekend with no deformities! With this batch coming up due this weekend, that is when I started adding the oyster shell and vitamins to the water. So, I guess no surprise that this baby the recently died didn't make it, trial and error! But next Spring, I will be collecting eggs, not breeding to get ducklings unless I can get buyers from people who live on lakes or my brother who lives on a pond. My dream is to move and live on a pond.

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