WOW this is really hard to candle!

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    Hi everyone,
    I purchased some really beautifull eggs from Melissa( Pasofino)
    I am hoping that I get a great hatching rate. I have done my hardest with these eggs compared to any other egg because I want to have these chicks hatch!
    The thing is I have never hatched or incubated really dark eggs like Golden Cuckoo Marans, or Blue eggs before and right now I am trying to determine if which eggs are right on track on developing and which ones might have not even developed. The thing is that I really cant tell with eggs this dark, and the hatching date is getting very near...they are to hatch this 25th or 26th I believe but cant tell how progress is going.

    If anyone has any tricks in seeing if eggs these dark are developing or not please let me know.
    I can tell that air bubble looks well but cant tell if there is even a chick developed.

    BTW I am using the same candler I have used in my previous hatchings which has given me great success...until now LOL.
    I appreciate the help, thank you!

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    Jun 15, 2008
    2 flashlights worked on mine. Set them on one and then spotlighted the top and sides with a mini maglight.
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    I use a high lume candler I bought at e-bay. Failing that the mini-mag with the rubber ring around the light works darn good.

    If you see a good air cell and a dark full bottom you are in good shape to set them in the hatcher.

    Also (to me anyway) a good live egg has a certain 'weight' to it... OK maybe I am nuts but when I pick up a dud egg now I can almost 'feel' it before I see it.

    I know, I know... I've been messing with chickens too long...[​IMG]
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    Oct 10, 2008
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    Thanks soo much guys!
    Well Since I am really want to see how these guys "eggs" are doing I am going to just invest in a LED Lenser which I have heard costs $50.00 or more...but lets see.

    I really love how these chickens look like so I cant wait to have mines hatch and be our new beloved/preffered chickens..LOL so I guess i wouldnt care to invest in something for them!

    Melissa I know what you mean I have felt the same thing with my duck eggs when they are in the incubator and have noticed that...i too think I am messing with chickens for too long too! LOL [​IMG]
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