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Feb 21, 2009
Columbia river gorge
Ok so my eggs have been in the bator for 4 days and I decided to candle them , they are brown eggs and as I discoverd with my test eggs<or think I have anyways
> with the light I have and the color of the eggs it seems easer for me to see the viening on day 4 or 5 then seeing stuff later when the egg gets darker
, I dont know if that was just a fluke with egg #7<test egg> or not but I think its not , and I saw definate viening and baby dot in 8 eggs and was almost shure I saw light viening and tiny baby dot in 6 eggs

So thats possible /likely viening in 14 out of 14 eggs on day 4

I started out with 16 eggs 14 are day 4 and 2 cracked ones where test eggs for my homemade bator they are on day 6 or 7 one is clear <should I throw it out , if it hasnt shown any signs of anything> and one is about 1/3 the way dark and had viening on day 4. Thats 15/16

Sorry I am all excited
so I had to share... Now to my question though.
On a coulpe of them that I thought I saw viening but wasnt shure they were up by where the air cell is , does that make it harder to see and is that dangerous or bad ??

Thank you
PS these are not the eggs I got in the mail today these are local eggs I got, that were washed , a couple where cracked and they were a week old when I put them in the bator

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