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9 Years
Jun 7, 2010
Hello every body
I am new to Backyard chickens!!
If you herd of ginnyfoul galour she is my next door naghbour!
I have hatched chickens before and have 6 of them I also have Horses, Cows, Dogs and a cat because we live on a 11 acre farm:thumbsup
I love my chickens and I have have hatched one from an egg but it was a rooster and my mother and father dont want a rooster so they said I had to give it to a poltry farmer my eyes were wartering in the car as I held him but I just had to let it go but I will never forget him:bo:cd but I have also raised 4 girls that I got from the poltry farmer that I gave my rooster to. I would like some addvise on how to keep your chickens in your propety and a easy way because it would to hard to put a fence up:idunno what to do.
Welcome to BYC.

Regarding your hens. Free range them, you have plenty of room. The eggs will be tastier, the birds happier and healthier, and chances are, they will not be at all bothered about leaving your property.
If you back onto a road this boundary will have to be made secure.
Chickens will always stay where they are fed and will return to the hen house at dusk with a little training.

Enjoy your hens...... those of us who hatch eggs always have to find a way of disposing of excess males (Sad but true)

Good Luck,

I am sorry you have to give up your little guy, but look on the bright side you have 4 girls! Let them out each morning, watch them during the day so they don't go too far and always go back in at night. Feed them when you want them to come in they will come running. Lock them up at night so coons or foxes don't get them. Good Luck!
Thank you for the replys.
I have since gotten two new girls, their names are penelopy and prudence. I am finding it hard to tame them though.
All the chickens still go over to the neighbours and I don't have time to stay outside all day to keep calling them home. We have only been getting four eggs a day from our six hens. The new two are about seven months old so they should be laying soon.
And yes it was very sad when I had to give away my rooster espusuly when my friend told me that the person I gave was a chicken farmer that eats most of the roosters they get, telling the kids they will take them to a banana farm.
Take them to a banana farm thats CRAZY!

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