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  1. I just ordered 60 Broiler chicks from Central Hatchery, the entire order was only $59.00! That's including the $15 for shipping to me and $5.00 for a small order fee... The chicks are only .65 cents each! That's the cheapest I've found in over two weeks of looking and comparison shopping. Chicks are due to arrive here on March 6th.
    The only downside is that they ONLY take check or money order as payment but that's a small downside!

    Can't wait to see how their chicks are!
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    Jun 26, 2008
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    the price is great. keep us posted!
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    Sep 27, 2008
    I ordered the same birds for 4/2, Just 25.

    What did your friend know about capons?

    Is she/you part of the (RIGHT) group? Will you be at Masshope this year?
  4. Here is what she said about Capons:

    Hi Jenna,

    Yes, usually in France capons replace the turkey as a holiday stuffed bird. (turkeys are not common in France, and just came on the supermarket shelves maybe 5 to 8 years ago, as roasts, legs, breasts, rarely as full birds).

    Every year, my grandmother would keep a capon "for Christmas".
    Now, with smaller apartments and smaller kitchens and ovens, the capon is not so often served roasted.

    I mostly use capons myself for the famous french "coq au vin" (rooster in wine sauce) because the meat is firmer than the chicken's for this slow cooked recipe, and roosters are sometimes too dry.
    Capons are more expensive because they are fed longer than the 20 weeks chickens, sterilized at 10 weeks and kept in a cage and fed with cereals and dairy to build fat for a total of 5 month.
    It is not unusual in France to buy a good farm raised capon for $50-$75, sometimes more.

    Hope that helps! Did you want any specific information about them?
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    I went to the site and only found pricing for 100 birds - so they allow smaller orders? How do you get the pricing? Thanks!

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