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8 Years
Feb 23, 2011
Crossville, Tennessee
I am in the active process of writing an organic handbook for Kindle.

If you guys were gonna buy an introduction to organic practices in the garden, what would you like to see a book cover?

What would you be willing to pay for one?

How many chapters would you like to see. The book will contain detail and not a lot of fluff.

I'm using this book to test the Kindle waters, lol.

Any feedback is welcomed!
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Think I should just make it an ebook and sell it that way? I don't care either way, I just wanna make some money off my ideas and help get our land paid off, lol.
I am not sure how they do it because many of the free books I get are from famous authors, not just first timers.
lol, good idea! check to see if Ruth Stout's books are free for the download somewhere.
no help am I?

I fear I wouldn't be in the market for an introduction to organic gardening book, since I've read enough of the basics all ready.
but if I were to gift or recommend an intro to organic growing, I'd like to see: 1) caring for the soil which would include: discussion on the bacteria/fungal/critter roles in healthy soil, amendments, watering, types of soil, grading the garden (slope), and, hmmm 2) the benefits of organic gardening which goes beyond the ill effects of conventional farming, example - saw an article the other day about fungus in garden soil that lifts peoples moods. 3) detailed instructions on setting up a small backyard size garden... let's say 10 feet by 10 feet. 4) detailed instructions on growing heirloom tomatoes -- once a beginner bites one of those delectable tidbits, they will be hooked! 5) basic information on the types of veggies ie: winter squash, summer squash, broccoli family, roots, uhh, beans... 6) winter gardening 7) uhh, how to clean dirt out from under your fingernails, and a note to wash your legs off before going in public...
ok, that is off of the top of my head. adding something in on killing off gophers would be a big plus - my best solution has been to plant catnip... but next year I won't plant the nip under the pole beans...

and, it is my husband's lament that few books utilize the cool graphic abilities of the kindle. If you could put a lot of work into your graphics, that would help sell it too.

As a tightwad... I'd recommend the price to be no more than $4.99, but

I was thinking about how dang poor we are. I wouldn't want to spend more than 5.00 on a Kindle (or any downloadable book).

I was thinking in the range of 2.99 to 5.00 for the price.

Totally gonna have a section on heirloom plant varieties and how to care for them. They are just too important not to include!

I am adding sections on soil and types of soil too. I got the vermicomposting nearly written as well. There will also be sections on how to do black soldier flies, mealworms and other live foods.

We grew the absolute best organic tomatoes this year. I mean, I am not an out-of-hand tomato eater but these were so full of so many flavors! Man at the sauce they made.

One of the best ways I found to deter gophers is to lay wire or thick paper layers down before planting. That and a good cat and dog, LOL.

Keeping dirt from under your nails, rake your nails across a bar of soap before going into the garden. It washes right off later!
LOL, poor is the new fad, eh?

The book is sounding good.
Them Tennessee gophers must not be as hungry as our western ones... paper would give them something entertaining to read while they ate, and they are known to go above ground to get over the hardwire here, they just chew right through chicken wire. pesky critters! So glad the cats deal with them.

Like all the live food information - that's an area I'm deficient in.
if you remember, let me know when it is done.

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