Writing on your egg shells........?


11 Years
Aug 5, 2008
Grove, oklahoma
What is the safest way to mark your eggs for imfo? About 4 or 5 years ago my faimily went out fishing and found a handful of wild geese eggs. We took them home to hatch. Then after they hatched, within a few days we released them back into the wild.

Before we put them into the bator, which was a round metal bator. It kinda looked like a Brower. It worked really good! 5 eggs total but only 3 or 4 hatched. Not sure how many. Its been awhile and I kinda been drunk way too many times since then to really remember that well. But anyhoo! I used a black sharpie to write on the shells the date that we found them to give us an approximate date to look at when the time drew closer for them to hatch. Is using a marker harmful or is there another way to mark them so as not to poison the little guys and gals?
I use a #2 pencil or a grease pencil. DON't use permanent marker, I have been told that this can permeate (big word) the shell and could (could) cause damage to the unborn chick. I don't take any chances!!!!
I suspect that was just somebodies *idea*. If there is evidence, I would be happy to take a look at it.

Yes there are volatile compounds in a Sharpie, but really, the quantity in a dozen letters on a shell would hardly constitute a risk. Most of them would, in any event, evaporate away from the shell ('cos that's the easiest way to go) in a second or two.

I am NOT sayin' that one method is better than the other. Just saying that I wouldn't want people putting off using either method by what might be just a fanciful notion.

Oh well, pencil works too.

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