Wry, Crooked Neck...recovery time? Re-integration issues?

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    I have read some threads while searching for info on Wry Neck. I don't know if my girl has it, but there are similarities with her case.

    I had posted this previously:


    The antibiotics were completed last week and her fever broke last week as well. She is still living inside. She now eats and drinks on her own and has gotten physically stronger every couple of days. Last night she even flew up in the air twice. She never displayed "walking backwards". She did have, and still does have, the slight "S" curve to her neck. In the last 2 days, this curve has lessened somewhat.

    I have been giving her a vitamin supplement in her water. I just learned of the suggested additional vitamin E and selenium.

    I plan to keep her inside for at least another week as she continues to improve. My questions are:

    1) Is there any concern for infecting the other birds if she is returned to the flock?

    2) Her wattles and comb are still somewhat of a paler colour (they haven't gone to the deep, vibrant red colour you usually see), would this be indicating some other problem?

    3) If she can be successfully re-integrated with the others, is it fine to just let her be and and see if she lays eggs again? (I will not breed or hatch any of her eggs).

    4) Is it too late to start her on vitamin E and selenium as well?
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    Mar 5, 2009
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    I've never heard of wry neck being contagious. I have a silkie that recovered, but I keep her separate so she doesn't get traumatized again. I stopped the selenium & vit E after about a month, although our area is selenium deficient, so I could keep giving it to her if I wasn't being lazy. She hasn't laid an egg since her first twisted episode about 1 1/2 years ago, and she still sleeps in our spare bathroom (out in her own space during the day). Maybe someone else has more info for you.
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    I appreciate your inpur thebritt. Interesting that your girl never laid another egg. I don't now if that's what the outcome will be for mine or not.

    At this point, I do not have a separate outdoor facility for her. We are building a new, larger coop this spring and then I could put her in the old one.

    My challenge will be the 6-8 weeks until the new coop is finished. She is getting more and more active inside, so we may need to come up with something temporary.

    Has anybody else re-integrated? Obviously I don't want to re-traumatize her and will certainly not even think of putting her back until she is well able to handle herself (if she can anyway).

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