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Apr 21, 2020
Hi, one of my silkie chicks developed wry neck yesterday. It's worse today however the chick is still walking, eating and I'm fairly sure drinking although its spending slightly more time under the brooder than the others. Seems to be struggling to navigate around a little bit.
Their feed is rich in vitamins anyway but been giving selenium and vitamin e since yesterday morning on top of feed but thinking perhaps it's been caused by one of the other chicks. It is around a week old and is a Silkie.

What I'd like to know is what is the prognosis? Its definitely worsened since yesterday.
If it is injury caused then how likely is it to get better?
If despite vitamins and segregation it worsens and the chick stops being able to eat/drink/walk is it a case of do the humane thing ir can they come back from that?
Tia x
I'm having a simailar problem but I don't know if its wry neck, how can you tell if your chicken has wry neck?

So this is mine just now. Was less twisted yesterday. As far as I know there arent really other diagnosis with this physical symptom.
On closer inspection I've just found what feels like a swollen lump on one side of shoulder/neck area. Wondering if this is due to twisting?
Poor thing, try taking her to a vet, a lot of vets take chikens for free, if you have other chicks keep her seprate it will calm her down.
Poor thing, try taking her to a vet, a lot of vets take chikens for free, if you have other chicks keep her seprate it will calm her down.

Our vet suggested euthanasia 😬 I live on a farm and she was here this morning so I got her to take a look. I'm not one to give up unless I feel all other angles have been exhausted which is why I thought I'd reach out here see if there was any advice x
I had a chick that had wry neck. What we did was give her vitamin E and Selenium.
She kept rolling around, but we kept giving her it, and within the week she was fine again. Now she's outside a normal hen.
We gave her some bread soaked in vitamin E (although I wouldn't advise giving too much bread) and now she LOVES bread 😂
Our vets don't take any interest in chickens either, and I also wouldn't give up until I've tried everything.
It's great you're trying to help her

Hope this helps
i'm in the same boat here my 3 week old faverolle has wry neck it started with a mild turn then sunday night head is at feet. I am feeding wet mash with scramble eggs in it. I give vit e once a day in morning and the eggs give the selenium, he's a fighter and as long as he's fighting so will i i've heard some people see improvements in 24hrs but not me. It goes crazy for his mash today i'm having trouble with it drinking water and b complex. But maybe he's just not thirsty. Yesterday he drank alot. i personally wouldn't cull just yet give as much vitamins and baby it. If it shows no improvement then yes cull...hope this helps and good luck

Silverpenguin gave me a recipe they used to treat their chick it's a smoothie (i hope I'm allowed to share like this)

Smoothie: Spinach, water, honey (or sugar will do not too much though...maybe 4 tea spoons for a whole litre at most...is what I am doing) this is all you need and then feed it with your dropper (just as much as it will take). if you do it right you can get the chicks to think their beak is in water and they will open their beak and u put it in their mouth easier but becarful you dont drown them! they can inhale the water by mistake
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Thank you both for your replies.
I think where shes a farm vet shes a bit less sensitive to saving the weak ones.
I'm a sucker for injured or disabled animals so I will be doing everything I can to help it.
Slightly concerned about the swelling on its shoulder neck area but perhaps just muscular side effect from the twisting. And also it is running in circles alot more this evening, also crouching rather than standing up. I've seen it try to drink and it cant because of the angle of its neck the water isnt staying inside its beak if that makes sense.
I'll add some eggs in the mix of vitamin rich foods and supplements too and keep a close eye on it.
I do think it is likely injury related rather than vitamin simply as the others are all fine and healthy and the swelling and rapid deterioration despite vitamin rich food pre wry neck. Time will tell I guess.
Fingers crossed!

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