wry neck cure?


6 Years
Jun 15, 2014
Redcar, England
Hi everyone, i have a silkie cross of roughly 6 months. A few weeks ago she started developing neck problems and was star gazing a lot and over the coming few days her neck got really bad where it was bent backwards to what seemed a very painful angel. I researched a lot and asked for advice, i was coming up with the same answers - not a lot i can do! i was gutted and felt like i was making her suffer and felt i was going to loose her. Her balance started to get affected and she was struggling with everything from coming out of her coop to drinking. It was awful!! :(
Anyway ...
I found some research to suggest it could be caused by a lack of vitamins. Im from the UK so went out and bought kids multi vitamin liquid and vitamin E tablets which i burst open and squirt onto some food ....
over the next few days she started to pick up, i continued doing what i was doing and watching what she was eating. This is now her ....

she is back to her usual self, brighter and bossier then ever and full of life again :)
Im sharing this because i felt it could go on to help someone else which i hope it does. I kept coming up with blanks so hopefully fingers crossed it works for others

Thank you!!
Thank you for the information. This can occur in younger chicks from encephalomacia, a deficiency of vitamin E and selenium, and in older chickens from deficiency as well as injury to the brain or brain inflammation. Torticolis is a twisting of the neck from side to side, and sometimes downward between the legs, while stargazing, or looking upward, or arching the neck over the back is called opisthonotos. These are called crook neck or wry neck by most people. Here are some links to read:

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