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Mar 2, 2019
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We ordered 10 Pekin ducklings from Metzer Farms and just received them this morning, after a long 5 day journey in the mail from California to Ohio. They all appeared to be fine but 3/10 quickly (within the first hour) developed wry neck. One has already passed and 2 are looking to be headed in that direction. Please let me know your tips and tricks for curing wry neck. I’d really appreciate any help. I know to up the Vitamin E intake. They currently have electrolytes, probiotics, and molasses in their water. They have Brewers yeast, and a very small mixture of thyme, ground cloves, parsley, and ground sage in their food (been told they are all high in Vitamin E.) What else can I do to save these babies and prevent the rest from developing it??


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Upping vitamin E, and B vitamin intake, specifically thiamine (B1) would be a good idea. There are several things that can cause wry neck such as neurological damage (from hard shipment), nutritional deficiency, virus, hypoglycemia, or bacterial infection. If a chick hatches too early, and its yolk sac is not absorbed completely, bacteria can enter, and cause weird movements of the cephalic region. I would check their abdominal area, for any signs of swelling, or discoloration.

Especially, if the environment is moist, and filled with fecal matter, bacteria may spread throughout the bedding, feed, and water dish, and transmit to the others, so try to keep their brooder in very clean shape

Sometimes ducklings may suffer from hypoglycemia when in shipment too long so also focus on providing a source of sugar.

If the ducklings start getting bullied by the others, you may need to make a pen for them, so they can see the others, but can't touch. Try to keep them hydrated, and offer her warm soupy feed, or mashed scrambled eggs often. Keep them warm as well.
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