Wry Neck... how much Vit E?

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May 21, 2017
Hi All, I assisted one of my chicks in hatching last night and now i'm worried his little neck looks a little bent. Is it possible it's not a wry neck and this is only due to the fact he was maybe twisted up in his little shell a little too long before I assisted (he pipped only 7 hours earlier but didn't seem to be zipping at all, hence why i assisted... might've been too early to intervene?).. anyway, if it does turn out to be wry neck, i wanted to know what the correct dose of Vit E is for such a little chick? I have the human adult gel cap version... i think they're 1000mg?
I haven't seen much wry neck and I've never had it in a chick just a duckling but what I did was break a vitamin E capsule in water and help him drink it. If you have any selinium you can give that also to help the chick absorb the selinium. You may be able to give the vitamin e directly if it's gel cap but I wouldn't give the whole capsule at once. You'll need to treat for about a week even if the wryneck disappears to make sure it's cured. You may also want to look into supplement you flock as well. wry neck from what I understand is caused by the hen that laid the egg being vitamin defect ent.
I'm now on day 30, and no more eggs have hatched. It's pretty safe to assume they won't correct? I'd hate to throw them out with live chicks in them..!!
for chickens 28 days is well beyond hatchable. Miracles do happen but I haven't seen one hatch yet personally beyond day 23 or 24 that didn't have some serious problems.

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