Wry tail or something else?

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    Jun 13, 2014
    I am new to chickens (April this year) and my main interest now is in Bantam Polish. I have one group of 6 youngsters, pullets and cockerels, who are now 3 months old. I've had them for a little over a month and a half now.

    A few days ago, I noticed the gold laced cockerel holding his tail to the right somewhat. Research made me think wry tail, but I'm not so sure. Day before yesterday, I noticed he seemed to be having a little difficulty with his balance. He would walk a few steps and sit down. Observing him, I noticed him doing this frequently. So, I removed him from the group and put him in a wire dog crate in my horse barn.

    Yesterday, he appeared about the same. He is eating and drinking. But, spent most of the day sitting. If he stood up, he would generally just sit back down. Maybe just walk a step or two only.

    Today he seems better. Hopefully. Tail appears straight earlier this morning when I fed horses. And he seemed better balanced and was on his feet more. I'll know more as I observe him through the day.

    My question is, are the symptoms typical of wry tail or could this be an injury? If it's wry tail, I won't use him for breeding.
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    I havnt encountered wry tail personally. But from what you have described it could be. If he seems weak and unable to stand for long when he was in the flock but seems better now could the others be bullying him out of food and water? Therefore causing lethargy? Extra feed and water stations usually help.
    Polish are known for not absorbing vitamins and minerals well so I would put him and the rest of your flock on a vit and mineral supplement. All mine have supplement in water 5 days out of 7.

    Hope you get him back to full health soon :fl

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