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Oct 5, 2015
:DHello again! I've posted many things on this forum and have gotten many wonderful answers. The chicken I'm posting about today is not mine so I will try to describe her as best I can. So my friend has this 9 month old SLW hen that she got from a breeder. The hen has not yet layed any eggs but she looks to be starting soon. So it looks to me like she has a slight wry tail that is only noticeable some times. Which I have a few questions about.
1. Could the tail have anything to do with her not laying yet?
2. Why is it only noticeable at times?
3. If she ever lays and she decides to hatch the eggs will they have the same thing?
4. And can she be shown?
Thanks in advance!

EDIT : also is their anything I can do to fix it?
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Wry tail is thought to be a genetic issue, so I wouldn't hatch eggs from this hen. She should be able to lay normally. Wry tail seems to be a muscle spasm that causes the tail to become crooked. My Marans rooster had one, but that sure did not stop him from chasing the hens. I rehomed him since he had that defect, even though my breeder friend had never seen it before in his line. Here are some threads about it:
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