WTB 1 or 2 pet silkies-NY---esp if proven esp broody


9 Years
Jan 6, 2011
Albany, NY
I would like to aquire 1 or 2 silkie pullets or hens. I am not particular about color, age or egg laying ablity. I want them as broodies.
Perhaps you have a silkie that is ALWAYS broody and you are buying feed for very little return? That's the one I want.
Or an older silkie that isn't laying as much as you would like and you are seeking a retirement home for her?
I would also like one silkie that is younger....just going to lay or just starting laying for egg color. (I am trying to gather a flock of colored egg layers so I never have to dye easter eggs ever again..

I would be willing to pick up up to 2 hours from Albany, NY...possibly further if you have both ...

But wait...the most important part is I don't want them until mid to late April...when my coop will be built.

I never plan to show them or breed them for show....I might hatch some chicks some day, if one of them lays an egg for me, but just back yard flock, nothing special. Pets that lay my breakfast. Or hatch the chicks that grow into the hens that lay my breakfast.

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