WTB ameraucana or easter egger bantams, prefer 6 pullets/1 cockeral


9 Years
Mar 6, 2010
I am looking for bantam ameraucana or easter eggers (NOT auracaunas). I am mainly looking for brown red (but wheaten or blue or black or buff would be OK, in that order of preference) pullets, but really I just want a bantam that lays blue/green eggs to cross with my seramas. I am going to try to breed a really small blue/green layer. (going for a seramaucana) I have no interest in showing, but I do like the look of the brown red and that is what my main rooster is.
My hope is to just develop the small colored layer, then try for a specific look later if I can get size and color where I like it on the eggs. I am new to all this, only had chickens for a few months.
I do have an incubator, so eggs would be OK, but ideally I would like new hatched. If you have some older culls, I care more about egg color and small size than I do about looks. I know the easter eggers don’t necessarily breed true to color, but I understand that ameraucana do. I know that later in summer I can get hatchlings from mypetchicken, but I hate to wait till June.
1st preference: ameraucana bantam 6 pullets and 1 cockeral, brown red or wheaten (smaller the better, other colors OK)
2nd preference: easter egger bantams 6 pullets and 1 cockeral, whatever color
3rd preference: ameraucana or easter egger bantam hatching eggs, 6 green 6 blue (darker the better). Please PM me if you can help a newbie out.

By the way, the reason for this odd mix/idea. My wife likes the colored eggs, the kids want small chickens, and I like the looks of the wheaten and buff roosters and red brown hens. We all want friendly chickens too.

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