WTB anhy kind of crested duck hatching eggs - - anyone got any?


11 Years
Jul 27, 2008
WTB anhy kind of crested duck hatching eggs - - anyone got any?

I would really love the white crested pekin but I have been told they are hard to hatch.....

I would like to add some ducks to my ever growing farm!
Hi I am new here, but I must say the crested are hard to hatch --- I was told that the ones with the crest are rarely fertile --- but the ines that carry the crest gene are fine. I have a crested Roen and a crested Pekin -- but yet to hatch any crested out of 15 eggs. If I do end up with a crested I will let you know --- my black Indian Runner is the one that seems the most active --- pretty obvious when the little guy comes out and stands straight up.
Hi Joni!
I'll have eggs available when my darling duckies start laying again.
My original Pekin pair (Zack and Zoe) are non-crested but must carry the 'gene for crest' --- about half of their children are crested.
This hatch was 4 non- and 2 crested. The duckling on the far right (Dub) has a double crest.

I'll be pairing Dub and Zoe (to try for more double crested ducklings), and Zack with his crested daughters.

I don't know much about it, but I was told not to breed crested duck to crested duck --- something about a lethal gene, maybe?

edited to add: No problem with Zack and Zoe eggs hatching. She layed 100+ eggs her first laying cycle and every one I set here was fertile and hatched.


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OK that is great Lisa - I am thinking your are starting to be my own personal supplier of hatching eggs!!!!
Lisa, my ducks must be kin to yours because we don't have a crested duck on the place, but they keep throwing half crest and half not crested babies!!!! Anyway, long story short, I need a crested duck. My 3 year olds croaked and I need to hatch another. I do not care what breed, just send me enough eggs to hatch at least ONE crested one. Let me know when you got em. Thanks!!
I have eggs from Crested mallard female and Rouen drake, and also Blue swedish/ Rouen. I get about 3eggs a day from my 3 females.. Fertility has been awesome.
So are you saying that a crested duckling can just pop up from any hatch of ducks even if mom and dad are not crested? (so they could be carrying the crested gene and we don't know)

I have some duck eggs in the bator that should hatch on the 14th if things go better for me this time.

I have 1 duck that looks like he has a few feathers sticking up a little on the back of his head so does this possibly mean he may have the gene but just didn't get a full dose of it but may pass the gene on to his offspring? It only looks like about 5 feathers or so that kind of sticks up a little. Almost like a cow lick.


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