WTB: Any breed duckling under 1 week in Upstate NY


In the Brooder
10 Years
Mar 5, 2009
Central NY
I had a duckling dropped off to me yesterday and he's really lonely. My chicks are WAY bigger than he is and I don't want to put them together. Does anyone have a single duckling or maybe two ducklings that I could buy? Thanks a lot. He's doing well and growing, just lonesome.


Apr 10, 2009
Upstate NY - Albany area
I have 6 ducklings I would like to sell. I ordered from McMurray and they messed up my order big time. I was supposed to get 4 black swedes and 2 cayugas but instead I think I got 5 cayugas and a runner of sorts. I really didn't even want the cayugas but I needed something to fill my order. You are welcome to them. I am going to sell them for what mcmurray charges for cayugas. They are all female. I am near Albany and could meet you with them. Just let me know.

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