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Nov 6, 2009
Anyone in California near me that has one that I can actually afford?

I got two with my older flock. One was a young bird, but I think the heat got him this summer. I need a young roo. I can't spend a fortune, but need a nice one.

I know there are extra roos out there somewhere, hopefully close.
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I may have a 1.5 yr old roo I would be willing to part with. He has a little too much coppering on his chest for me, but he is HUGE. I was planning on keeping him because so many of the Marans tend to be smaller than the Standard calls for, and he has a lovely disposition with people and his hens. He started life out with a correct 6 pt comb, but last winter a turkey decided to get creative with his pecking, leaving him with 4 pts.

How soon are you looking to aquire one? I am up Hwy 4 near Arnold. I also have about 20 FBC chicks from my last hatch that I am growing out. There is sure to be an extra roo in there, but too early to say for sure, and I would not start sorting my keepers from this batch until March.

I have two BCM Bev Davis line roos. I only have 3 total 2 roo and one pullet they are just over 2 months old . I purchase them from Greenfire farms. I had not decided whether to keep 2 roo since I only have the one pullet. I need a wheaten marans roo as I just lost my only one. Had been contemplating trying to trade him for a wheaten, but just lost the wheaten this week. So I am in limbo some what. So you can contact me I may need a little more time to decide if I should let him go ? Things are a bit rushed for me right now. The BCM were actually a mix up in another order of Bev Davis chicks that I purchased from them. He is not showing much red as yet, only a few red marks in his neck.
I thought I had removed this ad. But who knows, maybe I'll add more birds. LOL

I did find one, but may need another later, so we both have time to decide. Got a nice guy from HarmonyOaks.

I lost my wheaten poullet. I have an evil BR and another mixed hen that I know attacked her. Somehow they got the coop open. They work together to harrass all the other birds. They're going to the poultry auction on monday. I'll be looking for wheaten hens for my roo, but not right away. Need to get some things done here and having some problems doing it myself.

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