WTB Bobwhite Quail, Eastern Wild Turkey Hatching Eggs :)

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  1. I am looking for..

    Coturnix Quail (I prefer Jumbo, but if you have a good deal on standard I will purchase)

    Bobwhite Quail (Prefer Georgia Giant, but will buy any kind)

    Easter Wild Turkey Eggs (Looking for 6-10 of them)

    I am looking for GREAT deals on these eggs, as I am pretty poor at the moment...


    -Austin Johnson from SC

    Please PM me if you have any good deals, or if you have some turkey eggs for sale.
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    Dec 30, 2008
    Wasilla, Alaska
    tell me how many you want and make me a offer. I get about 12-15 eggs a day. I have brown, a&m, tibetian, and golden. (the golden and a&m are huge birds.) BTW I have quail.

    I wont refuse any resonable offer. I have tons of eggs!!! I JUST boiled 75 eggs today! and already got 18 more!
  3. Pm Sent [​IMG]
  4. This is what I am still looking for this point in time...

    -Bobwhite Quail Hatching Eggs [​IMG]

    -Easter Wild Turkey Eggs [​IMG]

    Let me know!

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