WTB: Buff Bantam Cochin Eggs


11 Years
Nov 2, 2008
To ship to FL, thanks
Darn, I only have red!!! LOL

Aww thank you. May I see pics?
Ack! Need to go get pictures too!

They're currently in the community run but we were wanting to separate them pretty soon!
Just need to find that huge enclosure we had!!

But if ya want any, let me know!
I only have 2 hens and a rooster (who let me say, is a big fart! he acts all big and tough and you eyeball him weird and he runs away)
He sounds adorable! I'd love to see pics when you get them
Hey, Lolita I am getting a lot of buffs out of my Mille Fleur Cochin project birds. So far I have been putting the buff girls in with my blue buff Silkie roo so I am not getting pure buff Cochin eggs. But even my pure buff Cochin hens are in with that Silkie right now.
Want some pullets shipped down to you?
Maybe so! How many are there to pick from and do you have any pics?
I can get a few photos or maybe there are a few on my website under bantam Cochins, if you would like to go look. I will snap a few more today sine it is pretty weather outside for a change. BTW, you know me as "Amy in SC" on our other lists.

I know I have 4 right now but there may be others since I just tend to let them grow and sell what I can't use. i don;t keep up with a lot of numbers on who is what. I have about 40-50 MFC project chicks and am hatching all the time. but right now I am only hatching the MF crossed with Mottled so these buffs will be a thing of the past.
Gotcha, thanks so much and I saw your page. They look lovely. I'll wait for any other pics you might get

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