WTB: Buff Muscovy hatching eggs or ducklings asap


14 Years
Jan 25, 2010
Monticello, Arkansas
Would like to buy some Buff Muscovy hatching eggs or ducklings before March 31, 2010. Please email me privately. Would prefer not to buy off an auction. Does anyone know of a website that is selling them? Country Hatchery will but is sold out this season. They have chocolate but won't have any of them till May.
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I have been searching and searching. Everywhere I find them, they arent selling or wont be until later.
If you find a place, please send me a pm.
There is Manahiem farm- but while I absolutely love her Easter eggs- I have ordered from her three times- when I ordered muscovies last year, I got a dozen of cayuga and others- not muscovy. I am too afraid to try that again with the new time limit.
Good luck to you- and to me, too.
We are in Arkansas. Manahiem Farm is not far, a few hours, am talking with her on a possible adult pair.

Meanwhile, would accept eggs, ducklings or adult birds.

Buff or Chocolate Muscovy.


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