WTB Chicken Nesting Boxes?? We make them!

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    Apr 24, 2010
    Spring Green, WI
    We sell "Chook Nooks", Custom Chicken Nesting Boxes!


    These nesting boxes are available for pickup--we are located in Edgerton, WI, so BEFORE YOU BUY please verify with us what items you are buying & when you will be picking up your item(s) or if you would like them shipped to you. Please consider that the boxes would cost quite a bit to ship as they are bulky. See list below for boxes that are available NOW!

    About Chook Nooks:

    We construct our chicken nests out of 'recycled' barnboard and wood. Prices will vary, but our standard $30.00 nesting box has 3 nests in it (usually you need 1 nest per 3-4 hens, so if you had a smaller flock of 10-12 birds, one box would do you). Measurements are approximately 3' wide by 1' deep by 1' tall, but can make them to any specifications whether you need more/fewer nests, smaller bantam nests, decorative, 'country cute' nests, etc. Price will vary depending on complexity, size, decoration, etc.

    Feel free to email us with your nesting box needs--we usually have a number of boxes on hand & are always making more. We will be posting small flock chicken coops soon, too, so check back for our other auctions! Thank you for looking!

    Check out our BC Auction HERE:
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