WTB duck shoes :)

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  1. VOX

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    Where in the world can i buy duck shoes. i need some, or a duck harness

  2. linda_zeagler31002

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    Jun 12, 2010
    Adrian, Georgia
    Are you talking actually for your DUCK? I bought off ebay a harness, for $2 out of hong kong or china but I searched under dog harness or harness, and picked out one that was self adjust that had the two paw holes that the duck feet go in good and snapped on to then had walking leash attatched, on the shoes, I couldn't actually find duck shoes, but I did actually try to make a pair, I used boat seat cover material I bought from the cloth store, sewed it by our doggies shoes, LOL, and put a piece of elastic in the top to keep them up and on, the material was sortal hard to work with being it was marine boating waterproof material, but you may also check Bass Pro at their doggie shoes and boots they may work for your size duck or even ebay etc.

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