WTB: EE in Missouri

EE are not purebred. Did you know that? I have EE eggs, if you want to hatch some. I guess I could hatch some for you, if you want. Mine lay pretty light green eggs. I am in Nevada, MO.
You know, after I posted that, I kinda thought to myself it was wrong. But I knew somebody would correct.
I've never had nor checked into those birds before. I appreciate the offer for hatching eggs, but was hopeful of getting some almost ready pullets so I could have eggs this summer.

So, what's the difference between easter eggers and Ameraucana and Araucana?? I thought they were the same thing.
Warrensburg isn't so very far! Revolutionmama has a spare paint EE at point-of-lay she may part with in Lawrence, KS.

PM me if you're interested- she isn't on here all that often and I see her all the time.

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